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Profesori dhe gruaja e tij, fotografia që të gjithë po flasin Një fotografi e një akademiku skocez me gruan e tij ganeze ka provokuar komente pafund në mediat sociale rreth marrëdhën
Fjala më e përdorur për 2016 është “post e vërteta” “Pos-truth”, post e vërteta është fjala e re e vitit sipas ekspertëve të fjalorëve Oxford. Sipas ekspertëve të Oxford
Blushi: The truth is being suffocated UPDATE Like he said earlier, Ben Blushi, the "rebel" MP of the SP, made his speech in the afternoon and unlike in the pa
The truth about Meta's visit to Kosovo Speaker of the Parliament of Albania, Ilir Meta, managed to convince the opposition leaders in Kosovo that violence is n
"Topalli reveals the truth about Ndoka's resignation" In her speech at the plenary sitting, the former Speaker of the Parliament, Jozefina Topalli, said that the resignation
The truth about the secret meeting Rama-Nano Several media have written about the secret meeting between Nano and Rama and regarding yesterday's news the former prim
Zaev to unveil the truth over "Monster" case Asked by "Portalb" on the case "Monster", the chairman of SDSM Zoran Zaev responded that soon he will publish the whole
Dritan Prifti says Frroku is NOT telling the truth Former SMI MP, Dritan Prifti testified today regarding Doshi's claims that the current Speaker of Parliament, Ilir Meta
Serwer: Rama told Vucic the truth Balkan affairs expert, Daniel Serwer said that Edi Rama's visit to Serbia is positive and serves to good relations betwe
Cher më e bukur se kurrë (FOTO-LAJM) Ndonëse ka një karrirë të gjatë prej 4 dekadash dhe është plot 67 vjeç, këngëtarja Cher duket kaq e mahnitshme në foton
Death of fiancé, the doctors don’t tell the truth Besjana Xheneti, one of the hurt student of the tragic accident in Himara still is not aware of the death of his fiancé
Dejanovic: Pristina should be more truthful in dialogue Serbian parliament Speaker Slavica Dukic-Dejanovic said Sunday the international community should exert influence on Pri
Marty: There is no democracy in Kosovo, without truth Dick Marty says that society in Kosovo cannot be democratic until competent bodies face the truth about crimes committed
Withers: Cablegram, America speaks the truth Former U.S. Ambassador John Withers Albanians has appeared yesterday with an open letter. Mr. Withers , in an open lette
The truth of the elections, is found in the election boxes Parliamentary group leader of the SP, Gramoz Ruci descibed as a designed scheme by Prime Minister Berisha yesterday's de