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A vritet Night King? Çfarë ndodhi në serinë e 3 të Game of Thrones (SPOILER ALERT) Të gjithë fansat e Game of Thrones kanë parë serinë e tretë të këtij seriali që ka gozhduar milion shik
King Abdullah warns of a third World War Jordan's King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, said in a press conference during his visit in Kosovo that he is happy with th
World's most craziest dictators, Enver Hoxha comes third He built 750,000 bunkers of cement - at a time when the country had a population of 3 million - to be protected from any
Doshi testifies for the third time Doshi was present for the third time in the Prosecution of Serious Crimes, where he was interviewed for about 80 minutes
Third suspect arrested for robbing a jewelry store The police of Tirana has arrested a third person who is suspected of stealing a jewelry store, property of the daughter
PM Thaci wins parliamentary elections Hashim Thaci's Democratic Party is the winner of the early parliamentary elections held yesterday in Kosovo. Thaci g
A third tent for the hunger strikers The hunger strike of the former public administration employees who were replaced with the rotation of the government ha
Albania, Kosovo third partner Albania has passed in third place with regard to trade exchange with Kosovo. Commercial blockade by Serbia strongly incr
Kosovo-Serbia talks, nothing concrete Has finished today in Brussels the third meeting between Pristina and Belgrade, but even this time is not achieved anyth
Today begins the third round of Kosovo-Serbia talks Today will take place in Brussels, the third round of technical dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. In this round will b
Gerdec, homage for the third anniversary of the tragedy Relatives of the victims in the tragedy of Gerdec, held homage to honor their relatives who died three years ago. In hom
Kosovo celebrates the third independence anniversary Kosovo celebrates today the third anniversary of Independence. Country roads are decorated with flags to remark the thir