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Nuk ka dieta perfekte që funkionojnë për çdo metabolizëm ose lloj trupi Nuk ka diçka të tillë si një dietë e shëndetshme që do të funksionojë për të gjithë. Njerëzit i përgjigjen ushqimit në m
Customs inspector suspended on corruption charges Police has suspended customs inspector Muhamed Toska, after taking a bribe to favor vehicles at the Hani i Hotit Customs
HIDAA sues 11 officials for hiding their wealth 11 high officials have been sued by HIDAA for hiding their wealth. "Those sued are Margret Plloci, High Inspector in HID
ARMO fined with ALL 5 million for environmental damage Environmental Inspectorate has fined ARMO with five million leks, due to environmental damage. The Albanian Refinery has
Former Inspector General of BoA, Golemi released from prison The High Court has acquitted the former Inspector General Elivar Golemi. The court ruled that Golemi will have to re
Constitutional Court turns down DP's request over Xhuka Constitutional Court dismissed today request of the Democratic Party regarding former General Inspector of HIDAA Zana Xh
Bank theft, why supervisory board failed according to Baleta Former General Inspector of the Bank of Albania, Teuta Baleta testified today in front of the Economic Commission over t
Bank theft, General Inspector refuses the Parliament The General Inspector of the Bank of Albania was not present in the Commission of Economy where members of the Superviso
Labor Inspectorate to fight child labor The General Director of Labor Inspectorate, Dritan Ylli together with the head of the Labor Inspectorate of Shkodra, Agi
HIDAA files charges for 3 public officials High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interest filed at the Prosecutor General's Office a