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Të pëlqen apo jo ushqimi, mënyra e komunikimit me gjeste në restorant Para fillim shekullit XXI, në restorantet evropiane, të gjitha pjatat silleshin në tryezë në të njëjtën kohë dhe ky sist
Studim/ 25 kompanitë më të mira për të punuar Instituti “Great Place to Work” edhe këtë vit si shumë vite të tjera ka publikuar listën e kompanive më të mira në botë
Prosecution reviews Secret Service's report over cannabis plantations A report of the Secret Service about the locations and the people who have cultivated cannabis is being reviewed by the
ALBtelecom supports ARA for the entrance's lightening of Tirana-Elbasan highway Albania’s biggest telecommunication company, ALBtelecom in the framework of corporate social responsibility projects, su
Explosion in the bar owned by a Secret Service agent A bomb explosion has rocked today the capital. The bomb went off in a bar in the "Myslym Keta" street. The bar was o
Edi Rama mbron koncensionet Në një aktivitet për përmirësimin e shërbimin të administratës tatimore në vendin tonë, kryeministri Edi Rama ka dalë së
Secret Service agent to remain in prison The Court of Appeal has ruled to keep in prison, the Secret Service agent, Florian Bushi, arrested for selling informati
4G / LTE – Speed up with ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile 4G / LTE, IPTV, fixed and mobile services of ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile were promoted with a gala ceremony held in Tira
ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile launched 4G/LTE services ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile has launched 4G/LTE services on September 1. Tuesday was the deadline set by the Authority o
Macedonia has the worst healthcare service in Europe According to a research from "Numbeo" Center, Macedonia has one of the worst healthcare services in Europe, reports "Bus
Three years in prison for the former chief of the secret service Former Secret Service chief Zoran Verusevski, was sentenced today to three years in prison for illegal possession of fir
Developing further the Albanian Telecommunication Interview with Mr. Giuseppe Farina, Chairman of the Board, ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile For one month now, Mr. Giusepp
Interview with Dr. Erkan TABAK, CEO of ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile is going to launch very soon some fast applications which work with 4 G technology. Actually
Nikola Gruevski staged and paid money for the attack in Goshinca?! Macedonian police station attack on the village of Goshinca has been staged in order to attract attention from the wire
SDSM publishes secret files regarding the Secret Service SDSM held another press conference today to publish what's been called the 15-th "bomb" in the wire-tapping scandal.
Vodafone Albania starts testing the 4G technology Vodafone Albania customers will have the opportunity to enjoy the 4G Technology services in their phones. Vodafone Alban
Former head of Secret Service of Macedonia arrested for child pornography Macedonian police arrested Friday evening, the former chief of the Secret Service of Macedonia, Zoran Verusevski. As Alf
Council of Europe welcomes progress but ‘serious concerns remain’ Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted the report on Albania. The assembly acknowledged the progress
Zef Bushati urges Rama and Nishani "to make peace" The head DemoChristian Alliance Party, Zef Bushati says the tensions between the PM and the President should be reduced.
Ardit Çela resigns as head of the Albanian Postal Service Days after analyzing the first 6-months as head of the Albanian Postal Service, Ardit Çela has resigned. He also made cl