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Meta: We must move ahead when it comes to the justice reform After meeting with German Ambassador Susanne Schutz, Speaker of the Parliament Ilir Meta spoke to the media on the Justi
Internationals demand the Vetting Law, Meta interrupts visit to the US The Albanian politics is working to pass the vetting, one of the seven laws part of the Justice Reform package. The law
Mission accomplished, parties reach consensus over the justice reform In a press conference Albanian PM Edi Rama greeted the consensus reached for the Justice Reform. He insisted that the re
Shukri Xhelili asks to resume duty after sex scandal Shukri Xhelili has asked to resume his duties as mayor of Dibra. In today's hearing, his lawyer Ferdinand Ndoja said tha
Ja kush ka tërhequr kurorën e Miss Shqipëria 2016 Mbrëmjen e së hënës, bukuroshja Kristiana Skura është shpallur nga qyteti i Lezhës “Miss Shqipëria 2016”. Shoqëruesja e
US Congress supports recommendation No. 88 of the Venice Commission Vice President of the Special Commission for the Justice Reform, Oerd Bylykbashi, has commented the letter that three US
Hahn remains hopeful regarding the Justice Reform Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn commented today the failed negotiations for a compromise on electoral reform.
EU: Rama-Basha meeting was a missed opportunity Asked about yesterday's meeting between prime minister Edi Rama and opposition leader, Lulzim Basha, EC's spokeswoman, M
No consensus over the judicial reform UPDATE: Rama and Basha met today to find a consensus regarding the Judicial Reform. The meeting lasted three hours and a
Mogherini: Approve the justice reform and take responsibility High Representative of the EU on Foreign Relations and Security Policy and Vice President of the European Commission, Fr
Ja kush e fitoi kurorën e Miss Universe Albania 2016 (FOTO LAJM) Fituesja e Miss Universe Albania është shpallur Lindita Idrizi. 19 vjeçarja nga Elbasani prej vitesh shihet si modele, p
Elections in Macedonia will not be recognized The European Commission (EC) will not recognize the result of June 5th elections in Macedonia. Commission's spokeswoman,
Mayor of Dibra dismissed and investigated after sexual scandal Mayor of Dibra, Shukri Xhelili has been dismissed from duty after asking for sexual favors in exchange of a job position
Miss BumBum “tradhton” Messin me Pique-n (FOTO LAJM) Suzy Cortez, Miss Bum Bum-i në Brazil rikthehet në aksion. Pas dështoi në tentativën e saj për të tërhequr vëmendjen e L
Klement Balili dismissed, but Police cannot arrest him After the accusations of the DP and Greek media that Klement Balili si the drug baron of the Balkans, the head of the Tr
Presidenti Obama tallet me Trumpin (VIDEO) Presidenti amerikan, Barack Obama, është tallur me njërin prej kandidatëve republikanë për garën presidenciale në SHBA,
The DP interrupts the parliamentary boycott After abandoning the commissions one month ago, the DP has taken another step by withdrawing and from Monday next week,
Hahn: Much work remains to be done in EU integration During the dialogue table with the European Union, Prime Minister Rama said that "integration is a common goal of the op
Missing Albanian found in Corfu Edmond Neranxi is the Albanian who was found alive and in good health, after having lost track since March 16th 2016 fro
Paloka says the Venice Commission did not reject their requests The Democratic Party will not change its attitude towards the Parliament and says that the Venice Commission did not rej
Tauland dhe Granit Xhaka janë dy vëllezërit që përballen në skuadra të ndryshme për herë tëparë në një Kampionat Evropian

Tauland dhe Granit Xhaka janë dy vëllezërit që përballen në skuadra të ndryshme për herë tëparë në një Kampionat Evropian