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If Serbia does not recognize Kosovo, dialogue is useless Dialogue with Serbia should be completed by mutual recognition and if this is not achieved, then the process is meaningl
LIBE Committee says "NO" to visa liberalization for Kosovo The Parliamentary Committee for Civil Rights, Justice and Home Affairs of the European Parliament (LIBE) voted against t
Rama: Is a shame that Kosovo does not enjoy visa free regime Prime Minister Edi Rama was welcomed with a military ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Ljubljana by Slovenian Prime
Kosovo Parliament postpones border demarcation with Montenegro Kosovo's Parliament decided to remove from the voting process the border demarcation with Montenegro. The decision wa
Protest against Kosovo's border deal with Montenegro in Albania Just two days before the Parliament of Kosovo passes the law for new border with Montenegro, a protest was held in front
Serbia has a new government as Vucic mentions Kosovo in his oath The Serbian Parliament voted for the new government of Serbia, with Aleksandar Vucic leading the government in coalition
“Kosova është Serbi” shfaqet në dy ndeshjet e Europa League-s (VIDEO) Në ndeshjet e turit të tretë kualifikues të Ligës së Evropës, Vojvodina- Dinamo Minsk është përsëritur zakoni i sllavëve
5 Albanians among those attacked Munich Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, has been officially notified by the German police that two of the
Nikolic "chooses" Kosovo instead of EU Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has stated that his two main goals are the preservation of cultural heritage and not
No visa free regime for Kosovo before December European Union institutions, the Council and the European Parliament will not decide on visa liberalization for citizens
Albania and Kosovo one state is already happening The governments of Albania and Kosovo signed today several agreements to enhance cooperation between both countries.
Majko: NATO is open for Kosovo and Serbia President of the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO, Michael Turner, and the chairman of the Albanian delegation, Pandeli Ma
Fajon to try and solve the border demarcation issue with Montenegro MEP Tanja Fajon said she would try to solve the problem of border demarcation with Montenegro. She says they need to fin
What British people think of Albania, Kosovo, Serbia... Englishmen have built some stereotypes regarding the citizens of different republics in Europe based on what they've see
Haradinaj says the government is the biggest risk for Kosovo Opposition in Kosovo is protesting today against the government by saying that it poses a danger to the country and so d
Congratulations! Visa-free regime for Kosovo Good days for Kosovo and all Albanians. Just one day after the new Balkan country became part of UEFA, today Minister fo
Kosovo accepted as member of UEFA Kosovo was accepted as a member of Uefa on Tuesday, becoming the 55th member of European football's governing body despi
This country is part of Europe, we must take care of Kosovo Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa, also the chairman of the DLK, gave details about the meeting he had this week wit
Kosovo had the highest level of corruption in 2015 Institutions have highlighted today that corruption in Kosovo is widespread. The first to report before the Committee on
Kosovo Serbs vote in Serbian elections Serbia holds today parliamentary elections which according to the Republic Electoral Commission are taking place accordi