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A vritet Night King? Çfarë ndodhi në serinë e 3 të Game of Thrones (SPOILER ALERT) Të gjithë fansat e Game of Thrones kanë parë serinë e tretë të këtij seriali që ka gozhduar milion shik
PROFIL/ Nevila dhe Angjelo, dy të rinjtë që bizneset do t’i punësonin ende pa mbaruar gjimnazin (FOTO LAJM) Nevila dhe Angjelo nuk i kanë mbushur të tetëmbëdhjetat, por gjëja e fundit për të cilën ata shqetësohen, ndryshe nga ba
Man wants to kills his wife, but shots his sister in law A man tried to kill his wife tonight, but shot instead his sister in law. The murder happened in the village of Ndroq in
Albanian immigrant kills himself at Rinas Airport A 35-year-old immigrant killed himself today at the Rinas Airport in Tirana, after jumping from a height. He used to
Man kills wife and surrenders to the police A 73-year-old man killed his wife tonight in Golem and then surrendered to the police. Veli Dervishi killed his 68-y
Husband kills wife and himself in front of their 5-year-old daughter The city of Korca was shocked today when a husband stabbed his wife and killed himself after that in the eyes of their 5
Albanian immigrant kills wife and escapes with their kids Police is searching for 34-year-old Albanian who apparently stabbed to death his 41-year-old Greek wife. According t
59-year-old man kills himself while drunk A 59-year-old man committed suicide in the early hours of the New Year 2016. He was sent immediately to the hospital
Man kills wife with a knife in front of their kids Italian media report a terrible crime in the neighboring country, where an Albanian man cut his wife's throat, in front
Albanian living in Germany kills daughter and son in law An Albanian living in Germany has killed his daughter and the son in law, and after the terrible crime has threatened hi
Mother kills son and tries to hide the crime A terrible crime has shocked the entire country, as a mother had killed her son, and kept his body in the house for 12 h
Man kills wife, mother in law and himself A man shot and killed two close family members before turning the shotgun on himself. The terrible crime happened at 5:5
Bus and car crash kills 1 and injures 11 At least one person died and eleven others were injured in a road accident that happened this morning in the village of
17-year-old kills his mother by accident A 17-year-old boy has killed accidentally his mother. It happened in Veles and the boy has been named as Orhan Musov, wh
Cold weather "kills" old man Yesterday afternoon some people in the city of Librazhd have found dead a 66-year-old man, who is suspected to have pass
Father kills himself amid money worries A 56-year-old man from the village of Novosella, Vlora, has committed suicide because he couldn't pay his electricity bi
Rushing flood water kills 7-year-old in Kumanova A 7-year-old boy was killed today around 12:30 as he was heading home from school together with his brother. The acc
23-year-old in Skopje kills his girlfriend A 23 year old from the neighborhood of Petrovec in Skopje has killed his girlfriend, who worked at the city's hospital.
Elbasan, fire kills mother and son At least two people died when a fire burned down the house they were living in in the city of Elbasan. The victims ar
Iraq, Kosovo Albanian kills 52 people in suicide attack Blerim Demiri from Ferizaj, is believed to be the first Kosovo Albanian that killed 52 police officers in a suicide atta