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Kapen njerëzit që hëngrën majmunin e rrallë Gjashtë persona janë arrestuar në Vietnam pasi e vranë dhe e hëngrën një majmun që është në listën e specieve të rreziku
Gruevski: The Albanian language will never be official in Macedonia VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski has stated that the Albanian language will never be an official language in Macedonia.
EP adopts resolution condemning Seselj statements A European Parliament resolution, supported by all political parties condemned statements of radical nationalist leader
PDIU: Albanians in Greece to study in their native llanguage Latest PDIU's request to the Albanian Government is for Albanian immigrants to learn in Albanian. Through a statement to
Albanian language does NOT exist in Macedonia The Commission to overcome legal disputes on the use of the Albanian language has completed today its first meeting, but
International Seminar of Albanian Language begins in Prishtina Today in Prishtina starts the International Seminar of Albanian Language, Literature and Culture. It will end on Augu
Greek school in Korca ignores the Albanian language What arguments were presented by the Greeks and Slavs in front of the International Commissions for the acquisition of A
University of Tirana to accept 5185 students University of Tirana has asked for 5185 students this year that will study in 37 programmes of study. For the same s
Brace: People do not like anymore the language of violence and hate The Socialist Party MP, Erion Brace today appealed to all the politicians to preserve the language used, while accused t
Tafaj applauded the decision of Italian govt. Minister of Education and Science Myqerem Tafaj applauded the decision of Italian govt., dated March 9, 2012, which incl
Nishliu will perform in Albanian languag The Kosova singer Rona Nishliu will perform in Albanian language her song “Suus” representing Albania in the Eurovision
Sequi: There should be a language of unity Regarding the debate between President Bamir Topi and Speaker Jozefina Topalli, the Head of European Union Delegation in
Albanians against the Macedonian language in schools Albanians in Macedonia fear again this year, the fact that the authorities in Skopje will try to realize the project whi
Macedonians do not respect the Albanian language All private businesses of the Macedonian citizens, but also educational and banking institutions in the municipality of
Macedonia, is required the formalization the Albanian language In Macedonia is required the complete formalization of the Albanian language, because even after the adoption of the law
Macedonians do not want the inscriptions in Albanian Municipal and central institutions, shops, cafes and various shops in Skopje and other cities continue to disregard the
Investigation of 21 January, AI condemns the interventions to the Prosecution "Amnesty International" Responds to the obstruct of the prosecution for the investigation of the events of 21 January. A
U.S. : The domonstration must be peaceful United States Embassy in Tirana, said that fully supports the right to freedom of expression and assembly for all the pe