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I lidhur me Sorosin dhe Partinë Socialiste? Donald Lu reagon ndaj akuzave Organizata “Judicial Watch”, në një njoftim të botuar të mërkurën, akuzon Departamentin e Shtetit se ka ndihmuar me fond
Justice Reform, 33 MPs sign the draft on constitutional changes MPs who have signed the draft constitutional changes are those who were part of the judicial reform commission. Among th
US disappointed, the government showed flexibility when the opposition did not The United States Embassy expresses its disappointment that the June 6 meeting between Prime Minister Rama and Oppositio
No consensus over the judicial reform UPDATE: Rama and Basha met today to find a consensus regarding the Judicial Reform. The meeting lasted three hours and a
Thaci: The justice reform must continue President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, met the Chairman of the Supreme Court, Fejzullah Hasani, Chairman of
Basha says Rama does not want a consensual judicial reform Chairman of the DP Basha is in Vienna to meet with members of the European People's Party. He sent an important politica
Xhafaj: The Venice did not reject the draft proposed The head of the Commission of Laws, Fatmir Xhafaj, commented today the final draft of the Venice Commission. He stated t
Gjosha: Judicial Reform consensus paves the way for EU negotiations Minister of European Integration, Klajda Gjosha attended the closing ceremony of the Cross-Border Programme Albania-Mont
Xhafaj: The judiciary is captured by crime and politics The SP Group has discussed today the judicial reform, where participants said that the judiciary is captured by crime an
Kerry: I encourage you to complete the judicial reform US Secretary of State, John Kerry gave a clear message today. He emphasized the reform of Justice stating that "I am enc
EU pleased with the justice reform progress In a joint press conference with the head of the Parliament, Ilir Meta, MEPs Kukan and Fleckenstein said that they are s
Meta urges the opposition to cooperate on judicial reform In a brief statement to the media, outside villa 30, after meeting Rama, Speaker of the Parliament, Ilir Meta urged the
Alibeaj: The judicial reform requires political compromise Enkelejd Alibeaj, head of DP Security Department, said today that the majority is not willing to meet the recommendation
Rama pleased the DP joined the judicial reform Prime Minister Rama confirmed that judicial reform has been the subject of the discussion with Meta, at the governmental
Rama and Meta meet to discuss the judicial reform PM Edi Rama and Speaker of the Parliament, Ilir Meta met today to discuss the judicial reform. Leaders of the ruling coa
Judicial reform, Basha invites Rama to implement the recommendations of the Venice Commission US Ambassador Donald Lu, submitted today to the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, the Venice Commission's
Manjani: No EU integration without judicial reform Students of the Faculty of Law of the Youth Movement for Integration, held a meeting with Minister of Justice, Ylli Manj
Meta: The decriminalization law will serve the future After the meeting of the representatives of the majority, the head of SMI, Ilir Meta, said that the decriminalization la
The Venice Commission adopts draft on judicial reform The Venice Commission has approved the draft on judicial reform in Albania. The draft was discussed and approved during
Manjani: The judicial system must be above others The Minister of Justice stated today that the only hope for an uncorrupted state is the court. Present at the National J