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Kryhet vjedhja më e madhe e kriptovalutave ndonjëherë, me vlerë 530 milionë dollarë “Coincheck” ka suspenduar depozitat dhe tregtinë e të gjitha valutave digjitale përpos Bitcoinit, deri sa të vlerësojë h
Kënga më e re e Rita Orës (VIDEO) Rita Ora ka lancuar këngën që e paralajmëruar disa ditë më parë Kënga, e cila quhet “Lonely Together” është një këngë e
Instant Tethering, funksionaliteti më i ri në Android Instant Tethering është funksionaliteti më i ri që po vjen në disa paisje nga Androi Police. Instant Tethering ndihm
Albanian killers arrested in the Netherlands Two Albanians accused of murder in Italy have been arrested in the Netherlands. Local media do not publish their names,
Smaller parties get together for an electoral reform Today, representatives of 43 small parties handed over to the Parliament a draft-proposition regarding the justice refor
Frroku arrested in Netherlands, identity confirmed yesterday Just one day after Arben Frroku, sentenced by the Albanian justice to life in prison for the murder of the Chief of Poli
Ex-husband sold Hida for just some pocket money Her story is circulating throughout the media and new information had emerged. Zyra Hida, the woman found murdered in
Agreement over special court, to pass the government and the Parliament The Special Court is going to start trying former KLA leaders, who will be accused of having committed war crimes and ki
Fleckenstein: We will be together in the EU Rapporteur for Albania in the European Parliament, Knut Fleckenstein visits today our country and will stay until Saturd
Rama: We must fight terrorism together Prime Minister Rama at the high-level meeting "Social Harmony for Sustainable Development", said that the terrorist thre
Rama: Let's work together for joint projects In the Regional Economic Forum of Vienna, which is being held in the capital, Prime Minister Rama said that the region i
Serbia, Hungary and Austria together against illegal immigrants Interior ministers of Hungary, Serbia and Austria have signed a cooperation agreement in Belgrade to stop illegal immigr
Alfano calls Tahiri: We must fight crime together Minister of Interior Affairs of Italy, Angelino Alfano has had a phone call with his Albanian counterpart Sajmir Tahiri,
2 Albanians killed in a shootout in the Netherlands A shootout in Rotterdam in the Netherlands has caused two victims, both of them from Albania while two others were hurt.
Kosovo together with Albania and Croatia against Serbia Prestigious media have written that Russia is becoming a potential danger to any possible conflict in various regions of
Vucic: I'll decide over the weekend wether to invite Rama to Belgrade Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said he will decide by the end of the week if Rama would be or not his guest in
Albania and Macedonia together against terrorism Albania and Macedonia will intensify cooperation in the fight against organized crime, terrorism and trafficking. Today
OSCE: Work together to fight corruption The head of OSCE mission in Albania Florian Raunig said that political cooperation is essential to fight corruption in t
Albanian and Kosovo police to work together Police Regional Directorate of Prizren held today the signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement for the organization o
Netherlands "YES" to Albania's EU candidate The Netherlands agree to grant Albania the EU candidate status. The news has been confirmed by the Prime Minister Edi Ra