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UK: Balkan borders will NOT change There have been some opinions that what happened with Crimea in Ukraine, might happen in the Balkans. But this is not po
Qytetarėt lėnė 90 mln euro nėpėr baste Qytetarėt e Maqedonisė kanė lėnė mbi 90 milionė euro nėpėr pikat e llotos gjatė vitit tė kaluar. Shifrat janė publiku
Iniciativa Western Balkan Six Ministrat e Punėve tė Jashtėm tė Ballkanit Perėndimor u takuan nė Nju Jork pėr tė diskutuar mbi njė iniciativė tė re tė
Kėrcėnohet investitori turk Pėr tė jetuar nė Pejė tė Kosovės, investitori turk Selatin Balkan duhet tė paguajė nė muaj 300 mijė euro haraē. Ai shpre
Epoka University supports the second International Balkan Annual Conference 2012 Approximately 200 scholars and academic researcher from different Balkans and European countries are participating in th
Agreement “good incentive for W. Balkans“ Montenegrin Foreign Minister Milan Rocen has said that the Belgrade-Pristina agreement represents an important incentive
Prime Minister Sali Berisha recalled in his remarks at a meeting with Balkan youth representatives Prime Minister Sali Berisha recalled in his remarks at a meeting with Balkan youth representatives on Saturday that dur
Bregu attends the meeting "European Challenges of Western Balkan countries" Minister of Integration, Majlinda Bregu attended the first regional meeting "European Challenges of Western Balkan count
Balkan countries must cooperate Macedonian Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski said that Balkan countries may find many points of cooperation, adding that j
Balkan War Redux Ethnic violence is back in the Balkans. And once again, it has taken the West by surprise. This time the focal point
Fule: Dialogue with the Balkan states By the end of this year there is a possibility to start a dialogue with the European Commission for the three Western Ba
Macedonia, EU decides on visa regime Committee of the European Union, together with Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein will consider today the pro
High stability and security in the Balkan Chief of General Staff of the Army, Lieutenant General Miroslav Stojanovski, today announced in the Ohrid that the Balka
Balkan Conference in Ohrid, Kosovo unwanted The fifth conference of chiefs of armies of Balkan countries will be held today in Ohrid where Kosovo is not invited. No
The Economist: Balkan, slowly towards Europe In an analysis of "The Economist" for the current situation and also for the European future of Western Balkans after th
Barroso: Why I did not visited Albania The President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso was in Ohrid, Macedonia, and from there has given the mess
Flori me Fugėn nė "Balkan Music Awards" Kėngėtari dhe kompozitori Flori Mumajesi ėshtė sėrish i nominuar pėr ēmimet ‘Balkan Music Awards. Kėsaj radhe ai konkurr