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Autobusi i kombëtares së Izraelit përplaset me shtyllën (FOTO LAJM) Autobusi me ekipin e Izraelit ka mbërritur në orën 17 e 22 minuta para stadiumit Elbasan Arena. Mirëpo nga pakujdesia
CIA warns change of borders in the Balkans In an interview to the Serbian newspaper "Vecernje Novosti", former deputy chief of the CIA, Steven Meyer, said that bor
Balkan diplomats to meet before the summit of Paris Foreign Ministers of the Western Balkans countries will meet in Durres on March 30th-31st, to discuss regional projects
Albania and Kosovo, the most corrupted in the Balkans Albania and Kosovo are classified as the most corrupted countries in the region, based on a report by "Transparency Inte
Karpushin: Stop talking about a Russian threat in the Balkans Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Tirana, Alexander Karpushin has given an interview to "Shekulli" to explain the
Risk of terrorism, Kosovo leads the Balkans Kosovo is listed along non-peaceful countries in the Balkans, but the bad news is that it also ranks as one of the count
4 thousand jihadists threaten the Balkans The Balkan region is threatened by more than four thousand jihadists, experts of terrorism say based on intelligence dat
Ivanov-Lajcak: EU should accelerate Balkans' EU integration President Gjorge Ivanov and Slovak vice prime minister and Minister of Internal Affairs, Miroslav Lajcak, during their m
Russia installs missile base in Presevo threatening the Balkans Russia's decision to build a missile base in Presevo is a signal and a bad news for the West. Russian and Serbian media
"Die Welt": The Balkans is sliding into chaos The prestigious German newspaper "Die Welt", in a long article regarding the tense events in the Balkans, writes that th
ESPN film dokumentar për Shqipëri-Serbi Shqipëri-Serbi më 8 Tetor do të shërbejë si vitrinë për vendin tonë, jo vetëm në Europë, por në mbarë botën. Një përball
ISIS threatens to attack the Balkans A threatening message arrived at the address of ReportTV, which threatened all the prime ministers of the Balkans. Th
Thaci: Russia poses a threat to the Balkans Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci said in an interview to the Austrian newspaper "Die P
Rama: We have a corrupted judiciary which operates as a profitable company Prime Minister Rama has said that our judiciary system is a corrupted corporation. Rama spoke about justice on the "Conf
Hahn: The Western Balkans should not become a parking for refugees Commissioner for Enlargement and good neighborly relations in the EU, Johannes Hahn has called on the states of the EU t
Germany opens up labor market to the countries of the Western Balkans The ruling coalition in Germany has accepted the proposal of a member of the Bundestag from the Social Democratic Party
Hahn: Refugee crisis will not affect the EU integration of the Balkans The number of refugees who have come to the Central and Western Europe through the Balkans, has risen to at least six ti
Rama says Balkans' problems also affect EU Prime Minister Rama said that Europe should support joint projects in the Balkan region, due to the fact that the proble
The Balkans get 600 million euros in the summit of Vienna The summit of the Western Balkan countries in Vienna attended by senior officials of the EU, German Chancellor Angela Me
EU Bank intensifies activity in Western Balkan countries Werner Hoyer, President of the EIB, announced at the Western Balkans Summit in Vienna a number of projects which the EU
Elseid Hysaj ka sfiduar temperaturat e ulëta në shtetin fqinj duke u fotografuar sipër një makine tip

Elseid Hysaj ka sfiduar temperaturat e ulëta në shtetin fqinj duke u fotografuar sipër një makine tip "Jeep".