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Rama says Balkans' problems also affect EU Prime Minister Rama said that Europe should support joint projects in the Balkan region, due to the fact that the proble
EU Bank intensifies activity in Western Balkan countries Werner Hoyer, President of the EIB, announced at the Western Balkans Summit in Vienna a number of projects which the EU
Basha says that the government is connected to criminal gangs In a meeting with journalists, the DP leader, Lulzim Basha, said that the government is deeply connected to crime and Ra
Schulz on Balkan tour, Albania is his first stop European Parliament President Martin Schulz will make an official visit to Tirana on Monday. According to Top Channel, h
Merkel ignores Gruevski during her Balkan tour On July 8th, Angela Merkel will be in Tirana, on a visit considered important for the new relations in the Balkans, whil
RCC’S Balkan Barometer Presented at the Regional Cooperation Day in Brussels The Regional Cooperation Day (RCC) kicked off in Brussels with a premiere of the Balkan Barometer (BB), a comprehensive
Stefanovic wants to establish a Balkan Confederation Head of Democratic MP-es in the Serbian Parliament Borislav Stefanovic said that the region should establish a common po
Nikolic: "Greater Albania" is a real threat in the Balkan region Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has complained to the Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls that in the Western Balka
Western Balkan leaders meet in Berlin Today in Berlin will be held the sixth conferences of ministers of foreign affairs of the Western Balkan countries.
No Balkan country will join EU in the next 5 years European MP and chairman of the Delegation for Relations with BiH and Kosovo, Tonino Picula, stated that in the next fiv
Macedonia poses a threat to the Balkan region Foreign Minister of Austria, Sebastian Kurtz estimates that if Macedonia does not begin negotiations for EU membership d
Balkans, no longer a priority of USA Balkans are no longer a priority of the USA. This is what the spokeswoman of DP Marie Harf declared. Moreover, Bara
Balkan's future in EU The future of the Western Balkans is in the European Union. This is how the Enlargement Commissioner of the European Uni
Valle shqiptare nė mes tė Brukselit (FOTO LAJM) Nė Bruksel ka filluar sot festivali “Balkan Trafik" nė programin e tė cilit pėrfshihen koncerte dhe filma nga vendet e
UK: Balkan borders will NOT change There have been some opinions that what happened with Crimea in Ukraine, might happen in the Balkans. But this is not po
Qytetarėt lėnė 90 mln euro nėpėr baste Qytetarėt e Maqedonisė kanė lėnė mbi 90 milionė euro nėpėr pikat e llotos gjatė vitit tė kaluar. Shifrat janė publiku
Iniciativa Western Balkan Six Ministrat e Punėve tė Jashtėm tė Ballkanit Perėndimor u takuan nė Nju Jork pėr tė diskutuar mbi njė iniciativė tė re tė
Kėrcėnohet investitori turk Pėr tė jetuar nė Pejė tė Kosovės, investitori turk Selatin Balkan duhet tė paguajė nė muaj 300 mijė euro haraē. Ai shpre
Epoka University supports the second International Balkan Annual Conference 2012 Approximately 200 scholars and academic researcher from different Balkans and European countries are participating in th
Agreement “good incentive for W. Balkans“ Montenegrin Foreign Minister Milan Rocen has said that the Belgrade-Pristina agreement represents an important incentive